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We are international suppliers of Wheat wholesale. We export internationally and our prices are calculated individually on request depending on the country of delivery and payment terms. Bulk Wheat Suppliers

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Bags, big bags, in bulk in containers or in grain carriers.
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Wholesale Wheat Suppliers | Bulk Wheat Grain Exporters

We are supplier and exporter of Wheat. Wheat is a grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain that is a worldwide staple food. The many species of wheat together make up the genus Triticum; the most widely grown is common wheat. Bulk Wheat Suppliers

Wheat is one of the world’s most commonly consumed cereal grains. It comes from a type of grass (Triticum) that is grown in countless varieties worldwide. Bread wheat, or common wheat, is the primary species. Several other closely related species include durum, spelt, emmer, einkorn, and Khorasan wheat.

We are one of the noted providers of high-quality Wheat. We carefully process and pack these products to make these free from impurities and foreign material. Our products are available in several sizes of packets as per the need of our customers. Bulk Wheat Suppliers

High-Quality Wheat Grain

Wheat to be used for food purposes (mainly for flour-milling and baking industry).

(Grade III Feed wheat to be used in feed purposes and production of animal mixed fodder.)

As per the customer’s requirement other non-class-generating quality parameters can be analyzed in accordance with internationally recognized and approved methods. Bulk Wheat Suppliers


Test Weight, g/L ≥ 740 ≥ 730 Not regulated
Moisture, % ≤ 14 ≤ 14 ≤ 14
Gluten, % ≥ 24 ≥ 23 Not regulated
Protein (on dry matter basis), % ≥ 12 ≥ 11 Not regulated
Grain Impurities, % ≤ 8 ≤ 8 ≤ 15
In Particular:
    broken grains 5 5 In limits for grain impurities
    grains of cereals 4 4
    sprouted grains 3 3
Waste Impurities, % ≤ 2 ≤ 2 ≤ 5

The price of soft wheat in bulk can be found in our price list.

Wheat exporting companies

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 metric tons;

Agro Brazil Exporters supplies wheat from the origin to you. Here you can find organic common wheat and organic durum wheat on a bulk basis. Request a quote button will help you to place your wholesale order. Bulk Wheat Suppliers

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