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Wholesale Blood Meal produce by spray drying at low temperatures, the fresh whole blood from animal processing plants. The fresh blood collect in on-site cooling tanks that utilize agitation to prevent coagulation of the fresh blood. Once delivered to the drying plants the whole blood is centrifuged to remove foreign material and then circulated through a disintegrator to rid all remaining foreign particles prior to spray drying.

This is predominantly protein and use to supplement diets based on cereal grains, plant by-products, forages etc. It is widely acclaimed as a good protein source replacement in various animal production diets for dairy.

Since blood is a highly perishable product, it is processed as soon as possible after slaughter. Understanding the fact that is hydroscopic, it needs to be dry to less than 10-12 % moisture and stored in an ideal dry place in order for it not to deteriorate. A number of standard ways to prepare blood meal such as solar drying, oven drying, drum drying, flash drying, and spray drying. The drying method is important for the fact that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of heat applied and protein digestibility.

Bulk Blood Meal Exporters

Processing Methods
Solar and oven drying
Drum drying
Ring and flash drying
Spray drying

Dried Blood Meal For Animal Feed

Protein: 80% Min

Moisture: 10% Max

Ash: 5%Max

Amino Acids: 50% Min

Appearance: Deep Red Powder

Packing: 1*20′ full container loads 19 mt (when packed in 25kg bags) without pallets

Storage: store in a cool, well ventilated and dry conditions ,keep in a tightly closed bags.

Shelf life: 12 months

Recommended dosage:

Pig   2% -5%

Poultry 2% -4%

Cattle and sheep 5% -8%

Aquatic 5% -10%

Nutritional Attributes

This is very rich in protein and contains about 90-95% and small amounts of fat which are usually less than 1%, with ash being less than 5% although non-industrial blood meals may include other materials and thus increasing the levels of ash. The down side with that it has a poor amino acid balance with lysine content relatively high which makes it an excellent supplementary protein to use with plant-derived feed ingredients that are low in lysine.

However, its isoleucine content is to be very low averaging just 1%. We understand that diets for monogastric animals have to contain enough isoleucine. Wholesale Blood Meal.

Since this is generally unpalatable, especially if overcooked, care needs to take as to what quantity of blood meal to a ration. Experts suggest 5 to 6 % blood meal to a ration.

Chemical composition and nutritional value

Packaging: 25kg, 50kg compressed bails, Cubes
Multiple packaging options to meet your needs.


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