Pure Natural Cocoa / Organic COCOA BEANS

We are among the highly trusted supplier, distributor, trader, exporter, retailer and wholesaler of top quality range of plain natural cocoa beans from Africa.

We supply the best quality Organic Cocoa Beans. High butter content and dark fruity flavor. Sorted high quality premium grade beans. Single origin beans are ideal for bean to bar chocolates.

We supply top quality Cocoa Beans.

The cocoa bean is the seed of the Cocoa tree – is found in the pod/fruit of the cocoa tree. There are up to 40 beans in a single pod. The beans are fermented after shelling the pods and post-fermentation is dried to acceptable levels for export.

Below is a quality spec in brief.

Main Crop Light Crop
Moisture Content < 7.5% < 7.5%
Bean Count per 100 gms < 100 < 110
Total Mould [TM] < 4% < 4%
TM + Other Defects [OD] < 6% < 6%
Slaty < 5% < 5%

The cocoa bean is mainly used to process various chocolate products and is used in candies, beverage, and baked food

Crop Year: Current
Packaging Detail: 60Kg in single or double Jute Bags/19 Metric Tons per 20’ Container

We can guarantee you a constant supply with competitive pricing.

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