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100% Refined & unrefined corn oil is fast gaining on other cooking oils, we supply refined corn oil worldwide. Refined & unrefined corn oil is vital for our different daily uses today.



Wholesale Corn Oil

Refined & unrefined corn oil (or named maize oil) is a quality oil distilled from corn germs. The fatty acid of the corn oil is regulars arranged so its structure is stable. This product is based on refined corn oil and through dephosphorylate, deacidify, degumming, decolor, deodorization and dewax.

It contents abundant unsaturated fatty acid and Vitamin A/D/E, no cholesterol It’s free from aflatoxin and other harmful impurities and lite taste. At once, the corn oil also has such advantages as a short warming-up time and little fatty smoke. Wholesale Corn Oil

Bulk Corn Oil Supplier Wholesale

1. The corn oil contents 58.7% of cub-oleic acid, which is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid essential to human body but can not be created by human body itself. The absorptive of sub-oleic acid can reach the point of 95%.

The sub-oleic acid has the ability to reduce the cholesterin in the blood and to soften the blood vessels, to guard and cure diseases of heart and brain vessels.

2. Every 100g corn oil contents 93.8mg vitamins including some essential ones to human body such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D,Vitamin E. Wholesale Corn Oil

3. Corn oil has a favorable fry character. Corn oil has high chemical stability. With corn oil, you can fry delicious food of good color and luster.

4. The corn oil has less fatty smoke compared with other edible oil.So it keeps the environment of your home and your body away from that harm.

5. The corn oil has a lite taste. Although looks oily but it is not greasy.

Corn oil is a liquid oil suitable for cooking, baking, frying, in making margarine or our refined corn oil can be bottled as a general purpose oil, especially for products high in poly-unsaturated fatty acids. We export this oil worldwide using customized shipping procedures. Wholesale Corn Oil

Agro Brazil Exporters sell this high quality oil at very affordable price, we follow a strict procurement procedure that makes sure all our partners meet all food and health requirement in place. We sell refined corn oil in 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L and different packaging options can be arranged upon request. Wholesale Corn Oil

Below are some useful details on the specifications.

However, you can contact us not for more details. Wholesale Corn Oil

We are a dependable brand, affianced in selling refined and crude Corn Oil across the boundaries.

Storage conditions; Packed: unopened in cool dry and dark environment.

Bulk: dark, stainless steel tanks, max 30 degrees Celsius and loading in a clean tank.

Package and Storage:

Shelf life Packed – 2 years after date of production (proper storage recommended).
Bulk – 1 year after date of production, after proper storage.

Packaging Packed – Bottles (PET), cans (HDPE).
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), flexi-bag, tank-container and tank-car.

PET Bottles:

Liter Bottles Cartons/ 20 ft container Cartons/ 40 ft container
1 12 1770 3410
3 6 1370 2744
5 4 993 1990
10 1 2200 4400
16 1 1498 3002
20 1 1190 2389
210 1 80 100
25,000 liter (flex-tank)

Minimum order = 25 Metric Tons


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