ST25 rice grain is clear, white and long, it is not cloudy like others. After cooking, it has smells of
pineapple, sweet, soft, unbroken but longer like lines in the rice cooker. Especially, after cooking, ST25 rice is not very hard when cooling. Regardless of nutrients, this kind of rice has high protein content (10 percent of protein), higher 1,5 times compared with normal rice, suitable for the elderly, children and even people with diabetes.

ST25 rice has excellently won the title of “World’s Best Rice 2019” held in the Philippines and won the second prize at the “World’s Best Rice 2020” contest, held in the US. The production process has met the required standards of British Retail Consortium (BRC)and Food safety management systems- ISO 22000.

Ingredients: ST25 rice grain (100%)
Net weight: 5kg/25kg

Usage Instructions:
– To keep the best taste of this rice, it should be cooked with little water (only 1 cm higher from the surface of rice), no
tilling rice before eating. The ratio between rice and water is 1: 1.2. The cooked rice looks good with the smells of pineapple, quite sweet and soft.

Storage instructions:
– Storing in a cool dry place
Warning information
Note: Do not use products that have already expired.
Expiry date:
– 10 months from the date of manufacture
– The date of manufacture and the expiry date of the product is indicated on the product packaging.
Place of Origin: Made in Vietnam.”


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