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We are one of the leading exporters of Animals Feed Meal products. Some of our goods are Fish Meal, Sunflower Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Soybean meal, Cottonseed meal, Millet Meal, Beet Pulp, blood meal, Sugar beet pulp, Bone Meal. Our products have great quality, and we distribute at competitive world market prices.

If you are sourcing for this product, kindly revert back to us with an e-mail so that our sales department can get back to you with product details, prices, packaging, available quantity, delivery time and payment terms. We look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with your esteemed company. Wholesale sunflower meal.


Sunflower meal is a by-product obtained after the extraction of oil from the black seeds. Sunflower meal is an excellent livestock feed, especially for ruminants. It is the fourth largest protein supplement used after soybean meal, cottonseed meal and canola meals. It is the only source of protein in beef rations. Nutrients in sunflower meals usually vary depending on factors like oil content, the extent of hull removal, and the efficiency of oil extraction. Wholesale sunflower meal.

The major source of variation in the nutrient content of the meal is however the hull or fiber content in the meal. Sunflower meal is commonly used in form of pellets and can be stored for extended periods of time. Wholesale sunflower meal.


Specification :

Protein 46%
Moisture 10%
Fibre 8%
Admixture 1%
Shelf life 14months
Fat 1%
Sand & Silica 2%
Oil Content 1.25%


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