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Wheat is a grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain which is a worldwide staple food. The many species of wheat together make up the genus Triticum; the most widely grown is common wheat.

Our Bulk Wheat is available for export to countries within Europe, Asia, USA and other countries worldwide

We offer 5 different grades of Wheat:

Grade 1: 14.5% protein / 32% wet gluten
Grade 2: 13.5% protein / 28% wet gluten
Grade 3: 12.5% protein / 23% wet gluten
Grade 4: 11% protein / 18% wet gluten
Grade 5: Feed wheat. No min. protein/gluten

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  • The wheat grains products we offer and export are directly from farms.
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  • We offer professional logistics, and our experience and reputation are valuable.
  • We know the market like no other and we know exactly what the production process looks like.

We supply different varieties of wheat grain at wholesale prices.

Wheat is the most significant grain crop in the world, also it is counted among world’s staple food. It is not only known for its nutritional value but also for having gluten content in good amount. Gluten is actually the protein present in the wheat that allows bread dough to rise, also making it soft & light. Variety of foods like pasta, cakes, muffins are the source of wheat. Issues like gallstone, anaemia, tuberculosis, breast cancer, pregnancy and breast feeding problems can be resolved by consuming whole wheat.

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Agro Brazil Exporters is a wholesale bulk supplier of High quality Organic wheat grains. The varieties of wholesale wheat available are so many that you will be overwhelmed with the numbers and variants.
These grains are fresh and full of potential nutrients that can strengthen your health imperatively. These wholesale wheat are organically grown and do not involve the use of any chemical fertilizers that may have adverse effects on your health.


Agro Brazil Exporters is one of the leading wheat Exporters, Suppliers, Distributors of WHEAT. We specialize in the Exporter of the best quality. We can also export products like milling grade, hard red grade, soft white grade, feed grade from us on a reliable and long-term basis.

Feel free to send us your questions and/or inquiries and we’ll be happy to provide you with the best product for your demands. All wholesale wheat grains offered are of international standards.

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There are many different varieties of wheat, each of which has different protein contents and kernel colours.

There are two primary categories: winter wheat and summer wheat, which are classified based on their growing season. They are sub-categorised based on hardness, colour, and shape. You can find information on these subcategories in the table below.



Soft red winter wheat

This type of wheat has baking properties which make it suitable as an ingredient
in baked goods like cakes, pastries and cookies.

Hard red winter wheat

This type of wheat is grown in low temperatures and snow-covered regions.
It has high protein content and is used for products like general purpose flour,
flatbreads and cereals. It’s also the most important type of wheat produced in
the United States.

Hard red spring wheat

This type of wheat is produced in hot, dry climates. It’s gluten
characteristics make it a good choice for use in food products like bagels, croissants and pizza crusts.

Soft white wheat

Sweeter and softer than other types of wheat. It’s low in protein
and gluten which makes it great for more exquisite pastries and
cakes, as well as Asian noodles

Hard white wheat

This type of wheat has slightly less protein and is less bitter than hard red
wheat. It’s used in softer loaves such as pan loaves.

Durum wheat

This type of wheat has more protein than any other type and is used to make pasta.


We have full access to the complete infrastructure to harvest and supply our clients with high quality wheat grain